5. Sale

Steps to implement a sale.

Now that you've been able to authorize your application and obtain an access_token, the next step is to perform a test transaction. Remember that you must connect the terminal to the internet, configure the application to be able to make a sale and configure the response service as indicated in the [Introduction] section. %C3%B3n-8#before-begin)

To make a sale, it is necessary to have the following information:

  • traceability: JSON object to send relevant information for the trade.
  • {{serialNumber}} : Serial number. 10-digit numeric string located on the back of the terminal (S/N).
  • {{storeId}} : Merchant identifier number assigned by terminal.
  • {{msi}} : Number that identifies the MSI promotion to be integrated Ex: 3, 6, 9, 12 or 18 msi (this promotion does not apply to Amex cards) (This data is not mandatory, only if the client it requires).
  • {{folioNumber}} : Folio number that will be shown on the ticket.
  • {{access_token}} : Access token needed to consume the service. See Generate Token section.

4.1 Things to keep in mind.

  • The terminal must have internet access at all times without restrictions to the domain and subdomains involving *.netpay.com.mx to receive and send requests.
  • The terminal screen must be on and the main screen of the application must be in the foreground.

4.2 Structure of a request.

POST http://nubeqa.netpay.com.mx:3334/integration-service/transactions/sale

The following headers must be sent in the request

  • Content-Type: application/json
  • Authorization: Bearer {{access_token}}
Content-TypeTwo-part identifier for file formats transmitted over the Internet.stringapplication/jsontrue
AuthorizationHTTP authentication scheme.stringBearer {access_token}true


En la petición, se debe mandar un objeto JSON con los datos según se requieran. Los 5 valores mínimos requeridos son serialNumber, amount, storeId, traceability y folionumber.

    "serialNumber": "{serialNumber}",
    "amount": "{{amount}}",
    "storeId": "{storeId}",
    "traceability": {}


	"traceability": {  
    "idProducto": "123456",
      "idTienda": 0987
	"serialNumber": "1400000000",
	"storeId": "9194",


Tabla de parámetros mandatorios a enviar en una petición de Venta.

Field NameDescriptionData type
serialNumberSerial number of the device to which the request is required to be sent.String (Maximum up to 20 characters)
amountTotal amount of the transaction.Double(15,2)
storeIdIdentifier of the store assigned to the device.String (Maximum up to 38 caracteres)
folioNumberTransaction identification number that can be sent in the sale request.String (Maximum up to 250 characters)
msi (este valor es opcional)Number that identifies the promotion to MSI that you want to integrate Ex: 03, 06, 09, 12 or 18 msi (this promotion does not apply to Amex cards)String (Máximum 2 characters).
traceabilityJson object to send relevant information for the trade (it can be some id of the transaction that will later be used to make a "match" within your system.Object.

4.3 Request / response example.

Below are examples in different programming languages ​​to make a request and request a sale with the different response messages.