Create Plan

Descripción de la respuesta recibida

idUnique idString
namePlan NameString
amountPlan amountNumber
currencyPlan Currency(only MXN)String
intervalIntervals in which the subscription will be executedInt
frecuencyPlan Frecuency(daily,weekly,monthly,yearly)String
trialDaysTrial days of a planInt
expiryCountIndicates the number of times the subscription will be executedString
activeIndicates if plan is activeBoolean
variableAmountIndicates if the price of the plan can vary in each charging periodBoolean
selfRetriesIndicates if the plan will be reinstated if billing failsBoolean
selfRenewalIndicates if the plan will be renewedBoolean
terminalViewindicates whether the plan will appear on the smart terminalBoolean
deprecatedThe plan can no longer receive subscriptions, but it still operatesBoolean
dayStartPaymentindicates the day you will start collecting (only applies for variable amount)Int
identifierUnique user-provided indicatorString
nextBillingStartNext Billing of PlanString
createdAtCreation dateString
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