7. Reprint

Steps to implement a reprint.

In some scenarios, such as when the terminal runs out of paper roll and it is not possible to insert one at that time, it is necessary to reprint the ticket either to provide a copy to the customer as proof of payment or for the business, as proof of collection. .

To make a reprint, it is necessary to have the following information:

  • {{serialNumber}} : Serial number. 10-digit numeric string located on the back of the terminal (S/N).
  • {{storeId}} : Merchant identifier number assigned by terminal.
  • {{access_token}} : Access token needed to consume the service. See get access token.
  • {{orderId}} : Order number generated when making a sale. View return information from the terminal.
  • traceability: JSON object to send information relevant to trade (Optional).



  • The terminal must have internet access at all times without restrictions to the domain and subdomains *.netpay.com.mx to receive and send requests.
  • The terminal screen must be on and the main screen of the application must be in the foreground.

6.1 Structure of a request.

POST http://nubeqa.netpay.com.mx:3334/integration-service/transactions/reprint


The following headers must be sent in the request

  • Content-Type: application/json
  • Authorization: Bearer {{access_token}}


In the request, a JSON object must be sent with the data as required. The 3 minimum required values ​​are serialNumber, orderId, storeId.

{  "traceability": {},
    "serialNumber": "{{serialNumber}}",
    "orderId": "{{orderId}}",
    "storeId": "{{storeId}}"

6.2 Example request / response.

Below is an example of a request to request a reprint and the different response messages.