6.1 Cancel

Steps to implement a cancellation.

If required, a sale made on the same day can be canceled by consuming the cancellation service.

To make a cancellation, it is necessary to have the following information:

  • {{serialNumber}} : Serial number. 10-digit numeric string located on the back of the terminal (S/N).
  • {{storeId}} : Merchant identifier number assigned by terminal.
  • {{access_token}} : Access token needed to consume the service. See Generate Token section.
  • {{orderId}} : Order number generated when making a sale. See information on Receiving the response.
  • traceability: JSON object to send relevant information for trade (Optional).



  • The terminal must have internet access at all times without restrictions to the domain and subdomains *.netpay.com.mx to receive and send requests.
  • The terminal screen must be on and the main screen of the application must be in the foreground.
  • You can only cancel a transaction made on the same day, and the cancellation must be requested before 8:00 p.m. Mexico City time for the full amount.

5.1 Structure of a request.

POST http://nubeqa.netpay.com.mx:3334/integration-service/transactions/cancel


The following headers must be sent in the request

  • Content-Type: application/json
  • Authorization: Bearer {{access_token}}


In the request, a JSON object must be sent with the data as required.

{"traceability": {},
    "serialNumber": "{serialNumber}",
    "orderId": "{orderId}",
    "storeId": "{storeId}",



The 3 minimum required values are serialNumber, orderId, storeId.

5.2 Example request / response.

Below are examples in different programming languages to make a request and request a cancellation.