Initial configuration of the terminal

Before starting.

1. Requirements.
2. Install Smart PinPad DEV.
3. Login.
4. Terminal configuration (optional).
5. Update Launcher Smart (optional).
6. Sandbox environment.

1. Requirements.

• Smart terminal. If you don't have one, contact your commercial advisor.

• Cards to perform to perform test cases (cards with PIN, without PIN, debit and credit).
Note: You can use your own cards whether they are canceled or expired (We work in a test environment with Dummys that simulate a transaction; However, if cards with a PIN are used, be careful to enter the correct one since this validation is carried out and can cause card lock).

• Smart terminal in debug mode..

• Contact NetPay's Integration team for test credentials.

• Download and set up [Smart PinPad DEV] app ( for the sandbox environment.

• Wi-Fi connection in the terminal to receive and process requests.

• Incorporate the library and access the corresponding methods in the mobile application.

• Minimum API level 22 (Android 5.1 Lollipop).

• Android versions supported:

Code nameVersion numberAPI level

2. Installing the SmartPinPad DEV.

Enter Netpay Market, this application is located on the terminal main screen.




The Smart POS terminal offers an app store (Netpay Market), this app will allow you to install and update applications as well as the O.S version of the terminal, etc.

Search for the "Smart PinPad DEV" application, the most updated test version in the store is 1.3.8, then select it and press the green "GET" button.


The latest Smart PinPad Dev version is "" , after selecting this app the following screen will be displayed indicating the size of the application. Then press the green "INSTALL" button.


Once the download starts, the lower bar will indicate the download progress.


At the end of the installation, the button will change from the message "PAUSE" to "OPEN".




During the Smart PinPad installation process you may get an error 13, this is a common error and has a solution, please read the following steps.

This happens when you have the App de Pagos already installed and you want to install the Smart PinPad or viceversa, you can only have one app at the same time, since they share the same data and cause compatibility conflicts.


In this case, it is necessary to request support to NetPay,they will help you uninstall the unwanted app, then install the requested appdo not try to uninstall the app, as it may cause problems in some scenarios.

3. Login.

Get into the Smart PinPad application on the home screen.


The "Bienvenido a NetPay Netpay Smart" screen will be displayed, then enter the Store ID and Test Password, these are provided by the NetPay's Integrations team. Then press the "Start" button.


We must complete this step to indicate the terminal what Store ID we will be working with. Login is a one time only, after that a blank screen will appear with "NetPay" written on it.


4. Terminal configuration (optional).

Smart PinPad has a hidden settings menu. To get access to it, press and hold for two seconds in the lower right part of the screen.


Enable tip settings in terminal menu.

This option can be used when the client has implemented the use of the tip in his payment method.


Enable the following options in the terminal.
This option can be optionally enabled as it can serve as support for the merchant to validate transactions in the terminal, reprint the ticket or if cash cuts are required.

  • Restaurant menu:
    This setting allows you to enable the following options on the initial NetPay screen:
  1. Calibrate
  2. Transactions
  3. Totals
  4. Close
  5. About



The options enabled by default in the terminal are the following:

  • Months without interest: This option allows you to have the MSI flags enabled depending on the ones that the client is going to implement (3, 6, 9, 12 and 18 months)
  • Automatic Closing: This option helps when the terminal arrives around 450 transactions, an automatic cut is made. This will keep all of the previous transactions out of terminal and therefore run out of memory.
  • Registered Token: For this integration, this section is only informative and has no impact if it shows "Registered" or "N/A" since this section is meant for an access token of our API service.

Return with the return arrow.


The app will return to the NetPay screen.


5. Update Launcher Smart (optional).

If you installed your own application and it is not displayed as an icon on the main screen of the Smart PinPad, it is recommended to have the latest version of the "Launcher Smart" appl. It will allow you to display your application as an icon before and after a certification by NetPay.

First we must get into Netpay Market and search.


The search will be specifically for the "Launcher Smart" app, after that, select it as indicated in the image to see more information about it.


Then, you must select update to download the latest version.


Finally it will indicate that it is working and we can return to the main screen to view our apps as icons.


6. Sandbox environment.

There is a Development environment for the integration and certification tests, transactions will not affect cards while using this environment.


To switch between environments you only have to change the base url. Configure accesses for each environment and in case it is required, change between app versions.